Evolution of Science and Technology / Mokslo ir technikos raida, Vol 5, No 1 (2013)

Centenary of Justinas Mikuckas Born Date

Valerijus Keras
Mindaugas Augonis


Long time teacher of the Lithuanian high school Justinas Mikuckas have been born 30 January 1912 in Sakiai district Lekeciai settlement. After learning in Lekeciai elementary school, Vilkija secondary school and Kaunas polytechnical college he entered into the University Vytauti Magni (1933). In 20 of June 1940 defends diploma design work and become a certificated engineer. Alas his diploma had been unrecognized by soviet officials. He passes humiliated procedures for rehabilitation of professional qualification as well as other engineers who studied in Lithuania at a German occupation time. It was a gloomy historic reality. After those obstacles he defends his dissertation. In 1941 he was employed in University. From 1944 he was a chief of a department until 1965. So, a main part of his energy, knowledge, professional skill had been devoted to high school. Simultaneously J.Mikuckas accumulated a practical experience for a long time after completion of technical college. This experience had been very helpful for student’s consultations in preparing theirs diploma works. The inheritance of J.Mikuckas that is useful for a high school activity printed in 35 editions. They are quite big volume. Some of it is more than 20 printer’s sheets. They are usefully for students in practice, especially in repairs of houses erected on a past century. Also they are interesting for high school pedagogues in aspects of technical terminology etc.

Article in: Lithuanian

Article published: 2013-06-17

Keyword(s): studys; history; personalities

DOI: 10.3846/est.2013.06

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